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Developer: Infinity Level Studio
Release Date: Coming Soon
Platforms: iOS, Android


Blades of Revenge is a Puzzle-RPG-styled game in which players will take their heroes to fight against an enemy from a fantasy realms that invades his country and take his king. The game has intense fully 3D action with unique character skills, and require sharp wits and deep tactics to fight against challenging enemy in unique gameplay system, with so many heroes to choose from to adapt to the always dynamic tactical situation. Player can also band together and play in the same battle online against highly difficult enemy.


This game is the first game released as Infinity Labs After our first game, Ranch Run, was published through Playlab. This game has been in development for almost 2 years, with utmost dedication and attention to details.


  • More than 60 stages and increasing with every updates
  • New and unique system of Puzzle RPG
  • Huge selection of unique heroes
  • Develop and evolve heroes to make them stronger
  • Fully 3D game with awesome special effects.
  • Co-op plays up to 5
  • Fight event bosses and take them as our ally




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About Infinity Levels

A Thailand-based game company that gathers people with burning hearts for game developing to create a game that’s fun to play, and high in standard for both domestic and international market.